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Sorry to be so late to the party.
You received good advise.
If the valve seals are the old style o-ring then, you need to install the bonnet style on both intake and exhaust valves.
The pcv in the valley pan was barely adequate for street use. At higher rpm it would pick up oil which would not create any smoke but, eat oil. Check to make sure it rattles and isn't stuck open.
Worn oil rings will cause it to smoke bad. Yes unhook it the pvc then drive it the 30 miles and check oil again.
Pontiac engines are low rpm torque monsters, 5,500 to 6,000
Good water pumps are a must. 160 to 180 stat is all that's needed (I prefer the 180)
I had a bolt go through a brand new pump and like to of never found the overheating problem on one.
You're lucky to have the Harlan Sharp adjustable rockers.
I'm a straight 30w Valvoline non-synthetic guy in a Poncho
If you are really burning a quart every 20 to 40 miles then it'd be smoking like a mosquito fogger.
Check the oil before starting the engine up cold. Drive it a couple miles then check it again. This will tell you if the oil is draining back to the pan or sitting in the top of the heads.
All of what we are suggesting is just that. We don't know if the cylinders were deglazed before rebuild or anything else about it.

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